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29th Jun 2022

What is Breaking Free Authentically?

Welcome to Breaking Free Authentically, The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast. 

I’m your host Karine Bedard, and as an Elite Relationship Designer and Empowerment and Sex Positive Relationship Coach, I am passionate about helping my clients Break Free from the religious and societal programming they have been given about Sexuality and Relationships.  We are taught that there is a right way to do things and that Sex is shameful for some reason.  Even if we are not religious, we do not realize how much religion actually informs our social programming, which filters down into everything else in our lives.

I aim to kick shame and guilt to the curb so that we can start living authentically and design the types of relationships that we want to have, not only the ones society deems as acceptable.  Maybe you were taught that Monogamy is the only way and that if a relationship doesn’t last forever you have failed.  Well I’m here to dispel common myths and give you all the options when Designing or Redesigning your relationships. I seek to normalize Ethical Non-Monogamy.  Hey, don’t get me wrong, if you are monogamous and that’s what you want and that's what you choose, I’m all for that but let’s do it beautifully, honestly, and in a way where both partners thrive.  There is no need to judge others for their choices.

I’m a Bible School Graduate turned Playboy Enthusiast!  My life changed completely when I discovered the absolute beauty of a Sex Positive Mindset in my life.  The freedom to finally be myself while still being ethical and honest.  I want to show you all the possibilities available when you are willing to take a second look and Redesign your mindset.  I want you to find a community where you can be exactly who you are meant to be without judgment.  It’s a beautiful life.

We think nothing of redesigning our homes to meet our continually changing needs and desires, why should relationships be any different.

Let’s Break Free Authentically!

Tune into Episode 1 to hear my story of Breaking Free from a very Fundamentalist, Evangelical Christian Background.  I was all in and loved my life.  You’ll see how my journey is now helping couples and individuals to live Empowered, Honest, and Ethical lives.

I will be covering all kinds of topics as they relate to sex positivity and relationships. It will be a solo podcast with the occasional guest co-host and interview.  I’m so excited to take you on an incredible journey into my magical world! 

You can find this podcast on any podcast app that exists including, of course, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google podcasts, and Amazon to name just a few.  New episodes will be released  every Wednesday at 9am to help you get through Hump Day in a more Empowered way.  I hope you’ll join me on this journey as we explore the world of possibilities through a Sex Positive lens.  

When it comes to Sex Positivity, Authenticity is the Key!

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About the Podcast

Breaking Free Authentically: The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast
The Sex Positive Relationship Podcast
Learning how to Break Free from religious and social programming to truly live a life of authenticity and pleasure. We look at how shifting our mindset about Sex and Sexuality can radically change our relationships and allow them to be more fun, honest, safe, connected, ethical and authentic. We delve into Sex Positivity and what that is while also looking at things like Love Languages, Attachment Styles, and Boundaries to help us Break Free from relationship myths that are keeping us stuck in a world that isn't quite the right fit. We long for true authentic connections and the ability to completely be ourselves. Let's start living!
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About your host

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Karine Bedard

You've heard, “Sex is wrong! Relationships are supposed to be hard work!”

What you probably didn’t learn is that sex is empowering and that relationships can be free, and fun, and empowered all at the same time! Karine kicks shame and guilt to the curb so that you can live your most authentic life the way that you want to.

She never in her wildest dreams imagined living the Empowered, Sexy, and Authentic life that she lives right now. Discovering Sex Positivity was the catalyst that allowed her to step out and explore a whole new world of possibilities! She is a Bible School Graduate turned Playboy Enthusiast! While studying the “worst of the worst”, she found her people.

Life is not always what we’ve been taught. Karine uses her magnetism, deep love of people and intuition to release her clients from the societal and religious boxes that they have been programmed into. She wants to inspire people to live their truth and discover their often deeply buried sexual desires and bring them to life in a safe and ethical way that empowers them and their relationships.

She is normalizing Ethical Non-Monogamy. She wants couples to step out and discover the beauty and power of true honesty, authenticity, and confidence in relationships. Looking at the world through a Sex Positive lens will absolutely shift how you understand relationships.

She uses her magnetism and transparency to make you feel safe and seen. Her intuition allows her to see exactly what is holding you back in life and her ability to really see you makes you feel accepted and safe with her. Through her openness and vulnerability she is able to transform your fears into joy and excitement. She is the best at bringing you safely into this Sex Positive world without fear or regret. She guides you every step of the way.

She wants more for you than the script you’ve been fed, “Find your soulmate, marry them, and be monogamous forever!” There is so much more than this in life. Step out and finally Break Free!